Meizu POP Bluetooth headset passed Qi certification: the world's first!

  • 2022-08-01 13:53:21
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Why is Meizu POP called a true wireless Bluetooth headset? This starts with the concept of the TWS Bluetooth headset, which is an abbreviation for "True Wireless Stereo." Technically speaking, the mobile phone connects to the main earphone, and then the main earphone connects to the slave earphone through Bluetooth wireless mode to realize true left and right channel Bluetooth sound effects. When the slave is not connected, the main headset returns to mono sound quality.

  Meizu POP true wireless Bluetooth headset was released in April this year with the Meizu 15 series mobile phone, the price is only 499 yuan. As Meizu's first TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset, Meizu POP uses a "dual wireless" design (wireless connection + wireless charging) similar to Apple AirPods, completely discarding cables. The single-sided earphone weighs only 5.8g, and the main body of the earphone supports IPX5 waterproof. It adopts an ergonomic in-ear design and is more comfortable to wear.